INESAD News: Welcome Allan Spessoto

As part of continuous growth, INESAD and Development Roast are bringing on board a host of new interns. Join us in welcoming our newest addition Allan Spessoto:

Allan is a student of International Development at York University, Toronto. His interests for social issues emerged at the end of high school in Brazil, when he encountered inspiring teachers and eye-opening documentaries. After that, he studied music for one year but decided to go abroad to learn more about global politics and justice, which later became his primary interest.

He enjoys the multi-disciplinary aspect of development and believes that this variety of frameworks is necessary to understand, criticize and practice development in today’s world.

He has researched and written about social movements, participatory development, culture and philosophy.

At INESAD, Allan hopes to keep learning about development, contribute to INESAD’s mission of research and sustainability and bring and stimulate this knowledge to as many people as possible.


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