Graphics: Global Warming – The Evidence

Over the next four weeks, to coincide with INESAD’s Environmental Sustainability Month, Development Roast will release fascinating and informative infographic every Monday. To kick off the month, we bring you those depicting one of the most pressing environmental issues to date, global warming.


Global Warming: The Debate

This first staggering infographic depicts the consensus of scientists regarding the probability of global warming followed by the media and public perception of it.

Global Emissions Since Kyoto

            The Kyoto Protocol was put into place by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in hopes of establishing binding targets for reducing greenhouse emissions in 37 industrial countries. But how have they done so far? The next infographic informatively depicts whether or not these countries are meeting their goals of reducing greenhouse gasses.

Three Primary Gasses are Responsible for Global Warming

We are aware that greenhouse gasses are a major contributor to global warming, so what are the major gasses? This next small but informative infographic depicts the three major greenhouse gasses while gently swaying you into a vegan lifestyle.

Do you know of any other info graphics that show either the discrepancies or challenges facing the issue of global warming? Leave a reply below.

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