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Graphics: The New Political Economy of Resources

Chatham House, a London based international affairs think tank and home of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, has developed Resource Futures 1, an excellent and evidence-loaded infographic that illustrates the new political economy of global resources.
Visitors to the interactive site are invited to visually explore resource use around the world and are enlightened to the mapping of current trends. Starting with trends in consumption, data is graphed onto a world map and a navigation tool at the bottom of the screen allows one to switch seamlessly between statistics for different crops, fish and meat, timber, fossil fuels and metals:

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Current interdependencies of resource production and consumption between countries and continents provide for particularly enlightening viewing:

As does the visual illustration of policy effects:

In all, there are eight different points of interest demonstrated including the global trends in instability and concentration of markets. The site is worth a visit for anyone interested in the use of resources on an international level.

The full Resource Futures research report that the infographic accompanies is available for download here.

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