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INESAD News: INESAD Marks its 7th Anniversary With a Bang

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Happy 7th Anniversary INESADJuly is a month of celebration at INESAD. It has been seven years since the institute began its life and it has come incredibly far. It has earned a sterling reputation for rigorous research and policy impact, a fact that was reflected in the 2012 international think tank survey of more 6,500 institutions by the University of Pennsylvania 1 (UPenn). UPenn's Think Tanks and Civil Society Program 2 (TTCSP) named INESAD the best think tank in Bolivia 3 and placed it in the top percentile of think tanks in the World that focus on environmental issues.

The energy and commitment to their work make INESAD staff stand out. It was their ability to achieve a lot with very little that made INESAD a prime candidate for the International Development Research Centre's 4 (IDRC) Think Tank Initiative 5 (TTI) that first provided a significant grant for INESAD's institutional development in 2010.

Since the TTI boost, INESAD has grown from a handful of employees to a lively and bright office of more than 20 people. And, through internships and visiting research posts, it has provided dozens of young researchers with the opportunity to get involved with hands on, important work in areas of climate change and economic development, both on the ground and remotely. These experiences have added significantly to their future prospects and past INESAD interns have been accepted for postgraduate study in world renowned institutions such as Yale University 6, Emory University 7, and University of California at San Diego 8(UCSD) in the United States; Aarhus University 9in Denmark; Centre for Economic and International Studies 10(CEIS) in Italy, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro 11 (PUC-Rio) in Brazil; and Torcuarto-Di-Tella University 12 (UTDT) in Argentina.

To celebrate their collective successes, INESAD in-country staff and friends held the costume party of a lifetime in their La Paz offices. The theme was costume pairs and no-one could have predicted the incredible effort that would be put into event. There were prizes up for grabs for best costumes and a best act. And so, the evening was graced with a pair of bouncing Tiggers; the clowning around by two Bolivian Pepinos; an unlikely fairy-tail telling between the Italian dictator Franco Mussolini and Snow White; the world domination plotting of Pinky and the Brain; two singing cowboys; two dancing pirates; a romance between a Bolivian lady and a western photographer; a dancing Cleopatra and Tutankhamun; Queen of Hearts threatening to do away with the head of the Madhatter; and a pair of wrestling Cholitas. The party was captured on video as a keepsake and for the viewing pleasure of INESAD's followers and Development Roast readers. Celebrate with us by  watching this YouTube link 13.

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