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INESAD News: Welcome Adanna Chukwuma

As part of continuous growth, INESAD and Development Roast are bringing on board a host of new interns. Join us in welcoming our newest addition,  Adanna Chukwuma:

Adanna ChukwumaAdanna Chukwuma joins the INESAD team from a year long health policy fellowship with Global Health Corps 1.  During her fellowship, she was placed within the City of Newark where she assisted senior staff members in the Mayor's Office and Department of Child and Family Well-Being in analyzing health-related policy options and developing strategies for reducing health disparities. She was also involved in advocacy for global health equity through various platforms such as the Social Innovation Summit 2012 2where she was a featured speaker.

Prior to this, Adanna had practiced as a medical doctor in Nigeria for several years. She spent one of those years as a member of the National Youth Service Corps 3 providing medical services and leading health promotion campaigns in rural North-eastern Nigeria. Her services were recognized with distinguished community service awards from the State Governor and the President of Nigeria. Her experience on the field, caring for women and children whose ill-health was shaped by factors such as poverty and gender dynamics prompted an interest in the wider determinants of health and well-being.

Adanna then obtained an Exxon Mobil 4 Scholarship to study for an MSc in Global Health Science at the University of Oxford 5, majoring in health economics and international development.  Graduate study further buttressed the need to consider the interaction of the upstream determinants in shaping the complex systems in which health is experienced. She spent a few months in Uganda with the USAID 6-funded Health Care Improvement Project researching expert patient involvement in anti-retroviral therapy delivery systems. At the same time, Adanna started an internship with the Public Health Unit of Consultancy Africa Intelligence 7, where she authored discussion papers on approaches to dealing with population health challenges on the African continent from a systems perspective.  These were often republished by other national and international health policy newsletters.

Adanna starts a Doctor of Science degree  in the fall of 2013 at Harvard School of Public Health 8 concentrating on health systems research. During her time at INESAD, Adanna is hoping to gain practical insight into trans-disciplinary research within development studies and to better understand the political and economic landscape of Latin America.

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