INESAD News: Economic Symposium a Success

With a record number of supporters, the fifth annual Economic Symposium, held in Cochabamba, Bolivia on April 18, 2013, led by INESAD, proved a giant success. The event was attended by almost 150 participants from across the academic, public and private spheres.

The symposium would not have been possible without the Bolivian Private University (UPB), the Bolivian Catholic University (UCB), the University Center for Social Studies (CESU), the Center for Population Studies (CEP), the Social Interaction Unit of the Faculty of Economics at UMSS (PROMEC), the Research Institute of Social Sciences (INCISO), the Institute of Social and Economic Studies (IESE), National Association of Economists, and the Electricity Conveyor (TDE), on whose premises the symposium was held.

INESAD, CESU,  IESE, INCISO, UPB, and CEP all further participated in the Economic Book Fair. Read More »

INESAD News: Welcome Lorena Talavera

As part of continuous growth, INESAD and Development Roast are bringing on board a host of new interns. Join us in welcoming our newest addition Lorena Talavera:

Lorena is originally from Peru and she is currently an international student at the University of East Anglia (UEA) in England in pursuit of a Bachelor’s degree in International Development and Economics. She was awarded an International Development Scholarship by UEA’s School of International Development for the duration of her undergraduate degree studies.

While studying for the International Baccalaureate (IB) at Newton College in Peru, Lorena developed a passion for development ecnomics. Around the same time, she volunteered with a Peruvian nongovernmental organization called TECHO, where she spent time working with some of Lima’s disadvantaged communities on issues of emergency house building. Her experience with TECHO, with whom she is still involved, only confirmed that she wanted to contribute to the social welfare of her fellow citizens and country by studying and working in development. Read More »

INESAD News: Welcome Jonathan Fortun

As part of continuous growth, INESAD and Development Roast are bringing on board a host of new interns. Join us in welcoming our newest addition Jonathan Fortun Vargas:

Jonathan believes that coming from Bolivia is not a coincidence in his life; he is certain that change comes from within and, therefore, he has been preparing all his life to support the development of his country and region. He is certain that INESAD is a great platform to build a collective consciousness for the improvement of Bolivia, and as an intern he hopes to contribute to this change.

He holds a Master in Economics (Kobe University, Japan); an M.A. in Finance and a B.A. Magna Cum Laude in Financial Engineering, both from universities in Bolivia. Read More »

INESAD News: Italian Students Visit La Paz

On April 4, 2013, INESAD’s Dr. Lykke Andersen and Osvaldo Nina gave a presentation to a consortium of students from Italian universities who visited INESAD as part of a project conducted by Giulia Maria Baldinelli of the Institute of Research and Training in Social Sciences (IRFOSS).

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Bolivia’s Best: Interview with Manuel Gonzales, Director of Environmental Affairs in Viacha

By Tracey Li and Natalia Zegarra.

“Even if you study somewhere far away from your home, you should realize that you can return to your home community afterwards and make a real impact there.”

Being able to study or travel away from home has many personal rewards. But it is when people use their experiences to return home and improve their communities that the social benefits begin to be reaped and those community members shine as examples for others to follow.

Manuel Gonzales, Director of Environmental Affairs for the local government of the city of Viacha that lies just southwest of La Paz in the heart of Bolivia’s Altiplano, is one such individual. Development Roast spoke with him about his experience studying to become an agronomic engineer at the at the Unidad Académica Campesina de Carmen Pampa (‘Rural Academic Unit of Carmen Pampa’, UAC-Carmen Pampa) and subsequently applying what his learnt in his home community*. Read More »

INESAD News: Beatriz Muriel Inaugurated

Today, on April 3, 2013, INESAD’s Dr. Beatriz Muriel Hernandez was incorporated as an Academic of the Bolivian Academy of Economic Sciences (ABCE). The event took place at the Bolivian Catholic University (UCB).

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Last Chance to Apply to a Unique MA in Leadership for Sustainable Development

If you want to fast-track your career as a sustainability leader, join this unique, leading post-graduate program. The Master’s (MA) in Leadership for Sustainability was established 17 years ago by Forum for the Future, a sustainability non-profit that works globally with business, government and others to inspire new thinking and develop practical solutions. This MA is validated by Middlesex University, and includes access to all their facilities.

The MA is highly student-centered with small learning groups of 12 people or less and tuition from a diverse group of experts and practitioners, including leaders like environmentalist and writer Sir Jonathon Porritt and Professor of Sustainable Development at the University of Surrey and Director of RESOLVE Tim Jackson.

It also includes student placements at notable organizations in the public, private and citizen sectors working to further sustainability in their fields. Students in the 2012-13 cohort were placed at Islington CouncilCommittee on Climate Change, Good Energy, Friends of the Earth, Fairtrade Foundation, Marks and SpencerUnilever, and more. Read More »

INESAD News: Shopping for the human connection?

Today, the popular anthropology site PopAnth published an article by INESAD’s Ioulia Fenton in which she reflects on her time living and researching in Guatemala and the shopping experience that helped her feel more connected with food and the local people who produced and sold it.

Shopping for the human connection?

By Ioulia Fenton

In Guatemala I was addicted, truly addicted, to my morning regimen. No, it wasn’t a catch up to the day’s news on my iPad with a cup of coffee from Starbucks. Nor was it my favourite bowl of cereal or brand of orange juice. It wasn’t even a luxurious shower or a sleep-in. It was something much more sacred: a daily experience that allowed me to indulge in what makes us human — connections with others. Read More »

8 Organizations Making a Difference to Bolivia’s Women.

By Ioulia Fenton and Tracey Li.

Every year, March 8 is a date reserved for honoring the fairer sex around the world. To celebrate some of the best the world has to offer, Development Roast brings you 8 organizations that are making a difference to the lives of Bolivia’s women. Happy international women’s day!

FIMI & MADRE Building Political Participation:

Bolivia’s Indigenous Female Parliamentarians. Photo Credit: MADRE

International Indigenous Women’s Forum (IIWF), which is best known by its Spanish name and acronym Foro Internacional de Mujeres Indígenas (FIMI), was founded in 2000. It is a network of indigenous women from all over the world that partners with another global women’s organization, MADRE, to increase the role of women in international decision making, improve women’s human rights, and build political participation of women in Bolivia. Read More »

Graphics: How to win a climate change argument

Does climate change exist and are humans to blame is a question that still manages to liven up many a dinner conversation. Believers can be short on facts and figures to be quoted in the face of deniers who tend to distrust the science, the politicians, and the activists. Luckily, Mother Jones has a secret weapon: A light-hearted flowchart that can be used as a handy cheat sheet to help put the matter to rest: Read More »


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