Mieke Dale-Harris

Is intelligence based wage discrimination wrong?

Currently many countries are passing anti-discrimination laws for the employment sector. It is increasingly considered morally wrong to pay someone less based on their genetically or environmentally determined traits, such as race, gender, age and certain mental or physical disabilities. However there is one trait that is universally left out of this anti-discrimination trend and that is intelligence; An intelligence based salary system remains completely acceptable despite the fact that we have little more control over our level of intelligence than our gender.

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The Posture of Success

The idea that forced non verbal poses can, at least temporarily, change one’s state of mind is nothing new, but the question of to what extent is being taken to new heights. Many of you will have heard that forcing yourself to smile can actually make you feel happy, however how many of you have used this useful theory to relieve yourself of sadness? I expect surprisingly few considering that nobody likes to feel sad and often even take other, more damaging, happiness restoring measures, like eating huge amounts of ice cream.

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What’s more important freedom of speech or economic development?

Mieke Dale Harris

Freedom of speech has become an important prerequisite of democracy and is to an equal extent prized by the population of any democratic country. Many modern generations quite rightly feel that they have a “right” to speak their mind about political policies and that when many minds converge in their opinion these minds have a “right” to group together and express their discontent, be it in the form of strikes, blockades, marches or sit-ins. This relatively modern trend can be seen in the almost daily protests, of one kind of another, that afflict America, England and a number of other developed democratic (or even non-democratic) countries. It can also be noted in the international outcry that rained down over the presidents of the Arab Spring over a year ago, or more recently, but to a lesser extent, the international discontent over the arrest of the Russian protest punk group “Pussy Riot”.

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