5 Agent Based Modeling Games That Teach

By Jillian Cordes* An Agent Based Model (ABM) is a model that simulates interactions between individuals and groups in social and environmental settings. These theoretical models are developed as a way to analyze behavior based on methodological situations. Using computation-intensive procedures, the concept of ABM was developed as early as …

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News: REDD+ Transaction Costs and Games for a New Climate

In continuation with the SimPachamama launch month at INESAD, this week has seen a number of articles published around the topics of gaming, deforestation and climate change: What would it cost to implement deforestation reduction policies in Bolivia? By Ioulia Fenton In conjunction with its partners, the Institute for Advanced Development …

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Games for a New Climate: It’s time to take games more seriously!

Leelo en español AQUÍ  By Tracey Li This month saw the release of INESAD’s SimPachamama game. This is an educational simulation game, designed to teach the user about the deforestation and human wellbeing challenges associated with rural development in Bolivian forest communities. Being freely available online, it can be accessed …

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Guess Who’s Chopping Down the Amazon Now

By Juan Forero, article originally published by NPR. Though Brazil’s Amazon has been the focus of environmental groups for decades, the deforestation rate there has fallen dramatically in recent years as clear-cutting of Amazonian jungle in eight other countries has started to rise. As a result, the 40 percent of …

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Concussion Slayer and Four Other Games Making a Real Difference

By Angelina Gherardelli ‘Serious games’ are games with a purpose that go beyond sole entertainment by aiming to educate, inspire, or even change certain real world behaviors of its players. ‘Games for good’ or ‘games for change’ focus specifically on creating social change. The movement is widespread and—as witnessed by the last …

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