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Five Games and Apps to Change the World

Whether it is family Trivia Pursuit at Christmas, Words with Friends on the android phone, or Second Life on a P.C., everyone likes to play games. They are challenging, fun, and constitute a healthy source of friendly competition. However, as Jane McGonigal, an American game designer, argued in her TED talk, they can also make a better world.

Today, Development Roast* highlights five games and applications that are more than mere entertainment, but serve to educate and deeply involve its players in global food, agriculture, and sustainability issues: Read More »

21 Reasons Why You Should Never Date An Economist

To coincide with the Fun Economics month on Development Roast, we have drawn inspiration from WhyDev‘s list of 52 Reasons Why You Should Date an Aid Worker and On Motherhood and Insanity‘s 52 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Date Aid and thought long and hard about reasons why dating an economist would be a bad idea. Here are our best 21 thoughts on the matter:

1. Economists may be dangerous. Watch out for the invisible hands!

2. It won’t matter what you supply, they will always demand more.

3. They consider selfish behavior the most natural thing in the world. Read More »

Guest Roast: 9 Development Phrases We Hate and Suggestions for a New Lexicon

Last month the team at WhyDev wrote an article describing nine of their most hated international development phrases, which are often over- and misused,  and asked their readers what they should be called instead. Today, as part of the Fun Economics month at INESAD, they share with Development Roast the results of the humorous public poll and ask for your thoughts and further suggestions. Read More »

The Gamification of Life

“The world hates change, yet it is the only thing that has brought progress.”
Charles Kettering

When I was born, there were no personal computers, no Internet, no cell-phones, no wikipedia, no google, no web-sites, no blogs and no facebook. It is difficult to understand how anybody could communicate effectively or get much done at all.

Today is my 44th birthday and the World has changed completely.  I am in awe of the technological inventions that have occurred in my lifetime, and I am amazed to see how my kids absorb all this technology into their lives as if thousands of years of evolution had prepared their brains for this. Read More »


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