Does Education Pay in Bolivia?

By: Lykke E. Andersen* Returns to education in Bolivia have been dropping steadily over the last 15 years, to the point that some researchers have argued that education no longer pays[i]. Nevertheless, a record number of young people are in school or university. Are they all wasting their time? In …

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The Many Dimensions of Inequality


By: Lykke E. Andersen* “The future is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed” William Gibson The scale of inequality in this world is almost unfathomable. In 2013, the average inhabitant of Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Qatar earned more in one day than what the average inhabitant of Malawi and …

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To eat meat or not to eat meat: that is the question


By Anna Sophia Doyle* I was browsing through one of my favorite environmental news and commentary sites (favorite as it’s both intelligent but also hilarious when reporting on very serious issues such as climate, food, energy, etc.) and came across a great article on whether eating meat could be eco-friendly. …

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Earth Overshoot Day – August 13th, 2015: So what?


By Susana del Granado * Let’s suppose a billionaire has given you 1 million US$ with the sole instruction that you live wisely from it. Thus, you decide to put all the money in the bank at the highest annual interest rate in the market (5%) and live only from …

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Let’s not miss the Open Government train


By: Fabián E. Soria* y Pablo A. Rivero* Public administration is evolving towards Open Government, a new paradigm that makes use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) but also changes the processes and information management within the public sector in order to bring the government closer to the citizens and …

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Oil exploitation in protected areas – a contradiction in terms?


By: Lykke E. Andersen* During this week’s Climate Change Conference in La Paz, several participants expressed concern about Bolivia’s plans for oil drilling in National Parks following the recent Supreme Decree 2366 of 20 May 2015, which explicitly permits oil drilling in some protected areas in Bolivia in the name …

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Tropical glacier loss: Real and fake solutions


By: Lykke E. Andersen* Bernard Francou, a famous glaciologist from the IRD in France, today made a very interesting presentation in La Paz about the loss of tropical glaciers around the World. It was only one of many interesting presentations made at the Climate Change Conference that is taking place …

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