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INESAD’s new book “Development from within” is a compilation of the Monday Morning Development Newsletters written by Lykke E. Andersen over the last 5 years. The foreword is written by Juan Antonio Morales, and the reactions of four pre-viewers are copied below.

The book will be presented later this month in La Paz. Readers in the rest of the world can request a copy by sending an e-mail to the address given below.

“In these columns, Lykke Andersen casts an economist’s often skeptical, sometimes technical, sometimes irreverent, but always insightful eye on Development topics. The collection provides enjoyable and provocative material for students of Bolivia and any developing country, on topics ranging from climate change and eco-tourism to aid and social mobility.  The more Lykke’s fellow Bolivians adopt her way of questioning and analyzing, the quicker will we achieve Development from within.

Miguel Urquiola
Associate Professor of Economics
Columbia University

Development from Within
is a collection of excellent essays which offer critical thoughts on major issues, interesting ideas and common misconceptions facing development policy makers in Bolivia, Latin America and beyond. Always engaging, frequently entertaining and highly educational, they are the culmination of the last five years of Lykke Andersen’s brilliant imagination and ability to transform all she sees around her into easily digestible ‘snacks of thought’, whilst at the same time, her ideas are backed by convincing evidence. Through her writings you cannot help but be infected by her enthusiasm and passion for development, whilst catching a glimpse of her energetic personality. This book is a mental treat for readers of all circles and will pique anyone’s thirst for knowledge whether you agree with the ideas or not.”

Ioulia Fenton
Regional Editor – Latin America
Global South Development Magazine

“Every week the Monday Morning Development Newsletter focuses on a key area of development, drawing out the relevance of recent insights from the greater development community for the local Bolivian reality. Not for the timid, in a field too often characterized by risk-averse followers, Dr. Andersen is engaging, provocative, and fearless.  You may not agree with everything she writes, but Dr. Andersen will always give you something new to think about.”

Diana Weinhold
Reader of Development Economics
Department of International Development
London School of Economics

“So thought challenging and inspiring, that you want to rethink your own points-of-views, if not right out prejudices. Lykke E. Andersen reminds us that we need open minds in the field of development.”

Morten Elkjær
Danish Ambassador to Bolivia

Download electronic version:

–  Development from within

(*) Scientific Manager, Conservation International – Bolivia. The author happily receives comments at the following address: .



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  1. Hi – I’m a former student of Sendhil Mullainathan’s at Harvard and I work in financial services with a focus on developing countries. I live in London and would be very interested in reading a copy of this book if available. Thanks!


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