INESAD News: Welcome Carolynn Look

As part of continuous growth, INESAD and Development Roast are bringing on board a host of new interns. Join us in welcoming our newest addition Carolynn Look:

Carolynn is a student of Chinese and Development Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. She is currently living in Beijing, as part of her degree, where she is working on a sinological research project related to creativity in China.

She discovered her passion for China and developing countries when she was still living in her hometown in Berlin, Germany.
There she attended a German-American high school, which she felt never taught her enough about the world outside of Europe and the US. When she was 16, she went to China for the first time by herself with money she had saved up from babysitting. There, she became increasingly aware of development issues and the exclusion of minorities and environmentalism from China’s rapid modernisation agenda. The following year, she received a US government scholarship to go back and engage in language learning. By now she feels that China is already like her second home, but she is aware that the development issues she encounters there play an equally large role in the rest of the world.
In her spare time, Carolynn often reads and writes about issues that she is passionate about, including gender issues, migration and environmentalism. She also enjoys cooking, playing her ukulele, drawing comics and practicing Kung Fu.

Carolynn hopes that her work with INESAD will allow her to improve her knowledge of development in Latin America, a region whose history and social movements she finds inspiring. She also hopes that it will help to refine her writing and research skills, and expand her experience in development as a professional field. She sees working at INESAD as a great opportunity to work with like-minded people from across the world towards finding solutions to the issues that arise in developing countries.


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